How Effective is your MLM Business?

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How Effective is your MLM Business?

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An article on the secret of building a successful Network or Multi-Level Marketing BusinessMany times, most of us get into a Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing or MLM business for all the wrong reasons – my friend(s) is(are) doing it, I need the money to pay bills, the product looks great and would be easily marketable, etc, etc.

While these reasons may appear important, we do need a strategy to propel our business in the right direction that we desire.

Many of us almost always forget the very popular saying that you can have all you want as long as you will help others get what they need.

What this simply means is that the strategy for your MLM business should be focused on helping your downlines to build their own networks because when you do this you are ultimately building your own network and increasing your earning capabilities.

The structure of most, if not all MLM businesses is such that a certain number of your immediate or direct downlines must reach a certain level to qualify you to move to the next level in the business. It therefore follows that if these downlines do not reach the requisite level, you will also not move to the next level.

If you focus your strategy on helping your downlines to succeed, you will be:

(1) Encouraging them to develop a genuine interest in the business, especially those who are not fully convinced about the opportunity but just want to try it out for your sake.

(2) Helping them to trust you and also see you as not out to defraud them.

(3) Showing them exactly how to duplicate your efforts to get results.

Making money should not be the sole reason to enter a MLM business because the real money is made when you move to the higher levels of the business.

Unfortunately not many people make it to those dream levels where the world begins to take note of your financial success, simply because their attention is concentrated on making a sale to earn those meager commissions at the lower levels.

It is those with vision who rather concentrate on building their networks because they understand that that will ultimately translate to higher earnings through multiple commissions.

Let me re-emphasize the point that it is when you help your downlines to build their own networks that yours will grow. In doing this you are exhibiting the qualities of true leadership that your downlines will imbibe and pass along to theirs as well.

It is therefore important for you to let them see the essence of this often neglected aspect of MLM that most times lead to frustration on the part of those who are just starting out.

When these ‘newbies’ grasp the essence of team work and then transfer this same quality to their downlines, the business assumes a new dimension and takes a new life of its own because everyone in the team understands the right strategy that guarantees success.

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